Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Fresh New Year

2007. The year that was. And it didn't disappoint me either. A year of many first, got into photography by accident six months ago, started clicking and joined Flickr. After a couple of slr units, a few lenses here and there, an absolutely drained pocket, 1000+ images captured, 130+ images posted in flickr, 5000+ views and 31 Explored images, I could say it could only get better.

For one, as I've said before photography is an eye opener for many things we take for granted. It's an overwhelming feeling that you begin to see the world on a different perspective, different view. I also learned to do some image post processing in photo shop, maybe too much sometimes. I would not go into argument with the purist about the paradox of post processing as I believe photography as an art, it's anybody expression and state of mind. I am an artist and would always be. Yes, I've mellowed down some of my images to the more natural state but it wouldn't stop me from doing what I do best as a photographer and an artist.

I welcome 2008 with my warm embrace hoping that it would be as good and sweet as the last!

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