Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Photjournalistic Inclinations

Its pretty much easy to say that of all the photography pursuits one hobbyist can do, its photojournalism, culture and travel photography that gives me more sense to what I do, something that I would like to see myself learning that path in the near future. I can see myself as a travel photographer more than a wedding photographer. Although I can do staged concepts if I want to, nothing beats the excitement of capturing those moments in the most compelling natural way. The need to travel is in my blood and I do wish someday somewhere I can go travel to the most exotic places in the planet with my family and be the photographer that I want to be...

Sinulog 2008

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Another sunrise shot from the same place. I wish I could bring my family someday to this spot. Normally I am a lone ranger because they don't normally wake up as early as I am.

Dawning of A New Day

The best way to catch the sunrise in Cebu is in Liloan which is about 30 kms north of Cebu City. Thank God I just lived near the vicinity and a early riser myself, I get to catch the magnanimosity of it if I want to. Some of the shots I've taken from the famous lighthouse in Catarman. A lot of prenup shoots happen here due to its stunning sea backdrop and off course the lighthouse and the glorious sunrise.

Friday, February 8, 2008

The Unexpected Sweet Victory

Yepeee....I won in the coveted Sinulog photo contest! I never expected it considering I'm a newbie against so many good photographers around (600+) and over 7,000 entries! My year is up for a good start...I'm super elated!

It has been my wish and like any photographers dream to have their images publish or be given an accolade for some sort. Winning 2nd place in the fluvial/procession category in the highly coveted Sinulog photo contest was rather unexpected sweet victory that I would cherish for a long time.

Perhaps what it makes it sweeter is that I have been only into this hobby of mine for less than a year, 6 months to be exact and don't have the gears that most pros have, a first timer, a newbie whatever you call it. Sweet because it gives you some sort of the pride in your work which most of the time I undersell myself.

Over a hundred ships and boats joined this year annual fluvial parade in honor the the Sto. Nino (Child Jesus). Its was my second time to witness such event the first time when I was just 5 years old. This time I had my camera in tow together with hundreds of photographers. I was a spectacle to see as well as enjoyable as I've met many fellow photographers from all over the world.

The fluvial procession is a reenactment of the coming of Magellan to the old Cebu Village, in particular his landing at the old beach which is now the heart of the city. Over 440 years ago, the Spaniards led by Magellan landed in the Cebu village of Rajah Humabon on April17, 1521. On the shore he planted he planted a cross which is said to be extant up to his time. Today, the city’s busiest street thoroughfare, Magallanes, is found where the cross is still preserved and now venerated as a relic. This historical chapter, Magellan’s coming, is reenacted as the advent of the new faith (

Shoot and Run

Rumblings of a Cebuano on a pair of running shoes and a Nikon on one hand.

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