Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Captivating Camotes

December 26 was the day when together with my wife, daughter and family made an early dawn voyage to the rustic Camotes island off 50 kms northwest of Cebu City. It was the persistent prodding of my mom and dad that got me to decide to check out the place. Thinking it was an opportune time for me too to shoot again after a long lay off, I book ourselves in Mangodlong Rock Resort, one of the fewer resorts available in the island that is perfectly hidden among the many sandy coves of the place. The voyage going there was a little bit rough for us as crossing the island from mainland Cebu on this time (December) means facing rougher seas from northwesterly winds that seems to grow when fear gets the better of you not to mention that we were pack like sardines on a pumpboat that seems to reek like a floating coffin whenever it hits the lows and highs of each wave. Soon after we arrive with a big sigh of relief, things seems not to get better with intermittent rains that kept falling like its going to ruin our short vacation.

But like the persistent weather, we were not about to give up enjoying our stay. It was fun and we did made the better out of the situation. I had a grand time with my wife and daughter and kept the bonding with my family whom I had long miss being together. We toured most that the island could offer us and it was pretty well the rustic and unspoilt place that people kept talking about. Going back we decided to ride the oceanjet off Poro port and had a pleasant trip going back home.

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