Monday, July 25, 2011

Kawasan Falls Marathon

This got to be the most fun I had with a marathon. I didn't mind traveling 130kms southwest of Cebu although I felt it was really far! Not as festive as the international marathons ones but the simplicity and the all out support from the town people of Badian, Alegria and Malabuyoc made up for it. Except for the route which most probably thought it was flat with a "few" rolling hills, everything was heaven sent from the cool weather, 99% cloud cover and little rains here and there, the very scenic route and the hospitality of the people.

This was to be my fourth marathon. Although I did trained for endurance, it was to be ran leisurely with lots of photo taking. I was bringing along my Lumix just like in HK. Here's 42k of running photos:

Arrived at our beach house in Lambo after a 3 hour ride. This was to be our home for the a day and a half. Bare but comfortable, I wouldn't complain especially if the beach was just in front of you.

Oh the beach! I haven't been to this side of Cebu but this one got to be one of the best. The white powdery sand and the crystal blue waters of Tanon Strait makes you wanna swim rather run the next day.

Off we ate an early dinner of Korean noodles, spaghetti and the famous Dumanjug native chicken. Salt caps were ready for distribution with the crew, half of them first time marathoners.

Marathon day and its the usual pre race photo ops! TTB, Team YYKredit, friends like Berput Queen Abby and Noy Adol, Jacob, Edward, Doc Willie and many more too many to mention.

5 minutes before gun time, roads filled up and everyone excited, it was going to be a long road ahead but nevertheless a road that shall end like never before, a waterfall as its background.

The crowd soon disperse, 400 runners taking his own race one step at a time.

It was to be a scenic marathon and it was it many ways. Old provincial bridges, one after another....

Coastal views 80% along the way!

Heritage churches to remind us to thank God that life is good...

and non stop high fives to kids and old alike!

The signs were there to remind us the journey ahead would be long and tiresome...

but also happy moment of bonding and camaraderie with fellow marathoners alike.

As the journey close to an end, we were all greeted with the sound of the river beside us and a trail that invigorated the trail runner in my heart. This is where I ran the fastest.

And so I finish my 4th marathon at 4:47:52, Rank No. 87 and barely 3 minutes slower than my PR, fresher legs and an injury that I didn't expect. Such is the life of the running enthusiast!

Every race never ends without the usual photo taking souvenirs all smiles and all saying that after the pain, life is good after all.

And so the journey ends where it started, the beach. Time to bask in the nature's wonderful creation and enjoy life. After all, Life is a beach!

Next Stop: Warrior 50 Ultramarathon. Crossing my fingers. Wink Wink.

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