Monday, August 22, 2011

Food Marathon

And here's a taste of the good life (lol). Kidding aside, It's been a while since my last blog. Feels a little sluggish lately, my right brain must have suffered a concussion. Oh well, I have been running my butt off ever since I've been hooked. How ironic that life is a race and my runs are to enjoy, living life as it should be, eating notwithstanding! This was a shot when we had the season shoot with the new menu for the restaurant. A marathon of sorts, after three days of shooting it finally ended. The best part though comes after the shoot where the eat-all-you can portion comes. Thankfully, I've got running and the eating binges continues.

Here's some RAW photos I took. It may take two months before the new menu comes out making loyal customers anxious and anticipating.

Ok guys, this is far as it goes before your tummies would be screaming "I just love Spice Fusion!"

For those who doesn't know where the restaurant is, Its locate in SM Cebu Northwing and Banilad Town Center. Check it out!

Shoot and Run

Rumblings of a Cebuano on a pair of running shoes and a Nikon on one hand.

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