Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Lighthouse Run

When most of the runners were running in the Citirun in Lahug, I was running alone towards one of the iconic places in Liloan. Here in Catarman, the lighthouse built in 1904 and named after the place proudly still operates. Since I was not about ready to participate in the "weekly" Cebu City races giving myself a month to rehabilitate my knee injury, I decided it was best to run alone as I've always have and enjoy the scenery.

A run to the famous lighthouse which I have done a couple of times was on the top of the list. I was intending to run it easy, trying to test my knees for longer distance. The route that I plotted a day before was mostly asphalted which was good for the knees but had long stretches of elevation. I started the run earlier at 5am hoping to arrive there as the sun rises in the horizon.

I arrive one hour and ten minutes later with a moderate pace of 7:14 per kilometer and boy, the scenery was more than anything that can satisfy my run! Its amazing! It always has been! After staying for about 20 minutes I rode my back home knowing that running back was too long for my recently recovered knees.

Somehow, in there I realized that like the Catarman lighthouse, I hope that my passion for running would always endure the the test of time and always ready to give light to others the benefits of making it a way of life!

Keep on Running!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Why being a photographer and a businessman has its advantages

Q: Why is being a photographer and a businessman advantageous for the business?
A: Because you don't have to hire a one to make your ads!

Q: Any proof?
A: See the poster below.

Shoot location: House
Assistant/Food Stylist/Cook: Brother
Tester: My wife and daughter!
Shoot description: D700/Micro 105/2.8/ One SB900 on shoot through umbrella triggered using Nikon CLS/ Reflector

On Shooting Drinks

The week was abuzz with so many things at hand. Accompanied my wife for her monthly prenatal and my daughter for her first root canal which she passed with flying colors. That's my Girl! Finally, I had to do a quick shoot for new drinks for the restaurant Spice Fusion. With all new purchases which could have made me poorer by a year, it was my first true test for my creativity both as in the actual shoot which includes setting up the lights correctly as well as layout the final output.

Not that I was a bit anxious but giving good results was always and has always been my standard for anything I do. Its not going to be the best compared to the beautiful picture you see in coffee books but its going be be a result where I give my best. I was prepared, I knew that all along. In fact I never really though about the shoot. After setting up the lighting ratios and positioning the studio lights where I felt would give the best results, I was ready to rock and roll.

Just a word of guidance; Shooting drinks is a little different from shooting food. Where in food you can just rely on natural light and perhaps one or two flash light and a couple of reflectors, this is not possible when shooting drinks. Natural light although still the best for almost all food shots would not be enough to light the liquid to reveal the textures and colors. Drinks needs a little more of the hard lights from every angle so you may need 3 or more light source to do this. The result is a spectacular revelations of the colors and texture of the drink from the inside. See unfinished output below:

I'm still stuck with the layout which I find a more difficult task than shooting. Maybe I'll try to learn more about this field from a short term course in the malls. But I'm happy with my first results. Its was not an easy setup but with money not an issue, it made it easier to do with the new purchases.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cebuano Artists

When a good friend of mine called me up asking me if I could shoot with him some prominent Cebuano artists as part for a publication of the Arts Council of the Philippines, I gave no hesitation.

For one, I have been missing taking portraits like this. Second, I can learn a lot from a gig like this no matter how little (fee) it is. Lets just say its for free or on an exchange deal. Its really beside the point. Just taking part is already an opportunity to learn more how to address my seemingly shyness to interact and more importantly direct a shoot.

With all the willingness I bought with me, it was a blast and tiresome too. I never thought shoot like these can be energy zapping. I didn't even direct. For all its worth, I made good to know where to find good light and how to position the subjects. With regards to the technical aspect of shooting outside shoots with strobes, I left it with more questions than answers! lol

Well, it gave me a break. I might be featured as well in their magazine who knows? lol. Crossing my fingers on that!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I have been to this place so many times in the past and has always left me with a sense of admiration for God's glorious creation. The fresh, cool air is unmatched anywhere in the city yet it is so near. For a mere 30-45 minute ride with the local ride known as the habal-habal, you can be within the confines among the beautiful mountain scenery.

Along the way you can also get to eat cooked Japanese corn variety which is again delicious and appetizing all the way or buy fruits and veggies at a much lower price.

There are also several parks in the area starting with the well developed, well funded Mountain View Park which gives you a birds eye view of the cities of Cebu and Mandaue as well as the island of Mactan. Then there Kan Irag Nature Park which gives anybody a walk through its natural forest like surroundings complete with a cold spring.

For people who are in for an adrenaline rush, there's the Busay Zipline. Its safe and it gives you a different feel of excitement. Just on the other side is the old Tops which still provides the best elevation to get the view of the entire city.

So if you get tired of the cit life, why don't you head out for the mountains! Its near and its cheap way to spend the weekend!

Framing the House

What is good on this hobby when you can't flaunt it? Having had enough of my wife's endless tirade of comments that I never have a single work being displayed in the house, I made the decision to make amends with the obvious. Thanks to my wife, truth to say, I consider it one of the better things I have done lately.

Call it a timed event, everything just fell into its place the moment our new teak wood console was delivered in the house. The white space above it seems so empty and a frame would have been a generous offering. From hours of conceptualizing, I ended up deciding that a large format high key B&W photo of my love ones is most befitting. Now comes the more harder part; looking for a good supplier of photo prints.

I was looking for an archival paper which I fell in love with when I saw some event photos printed on them in an event in SM Northwing a year ago. I went to several suppliers but they all seem to fall my passing grade until a friend suggested one. An small printing shop cum coffee cafe named Ultra Digital Imaging finally passed my stringent quality check.

Its not your average typical photo print. In fact its a print that has been emulsified to look like a painting. And its waterproof to last for generations! I would recommend this one, if your willing to pay a premium. Its expensive! They say you get what you pay for and Lo and behold, the final output looks superb.

Finally for one good reason my wife can finally smile. I love them and I was a fool not to make one a long time ago. But again, I can always reason out that this kind of photo print was not yet available then! lol

On Food Photography

I have never learned how to cook great food, yet over the years of managing our restaurants and tagging along countless times to lunches and dinners, I have learned to appreciate and distinguish what is good and what is not for one's taste.

Now I have been thrust into the new field of food photography, much to my dreaded expectations way way back. Honestly like fashion photography, I'm not really a big fan of it. With the controlled environment it requires, its easy to say I'm not going to appreciate it more than I appreciate the freedom just to shoot just about anything else in the street. Maybe I was just born to eat good

But here I am, in the limelight with all the light strobes and the complete jargon of technicalities, I'm beginning to think I have not learned a lot on photography after two years. As they say, whenever and wherever you are able to shoot great food that can make anybody want to eat it, then you can shoot just about anything else.

Yes my friend, I am as dumb as Mr. Bean on this one yet I'm learning.Slowly. I might have hated it, which more than on several occasion have left me tired and spent but it money for business and above all I get to get new stuff like a full frame camera I have never dreamed of holding in my hands.Weeeee!

I have much to learn, I know its just the tip of an iceberg but I'm excited that once more I see an endless corridor full of doors waiting to be open.

Keep on Shooting!

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