Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rotary Run

Team YYKredit after the run.

Sorry if I haven't been blogging for some time. Its really been tough for me to juggle the business with recreation and writing as well. Since I finish my first marathon, my baptism of fire last January, I haven't been running too often. Somewhere along the road to glory, I got my right knee injured. I tried running after three weeks but a measly 2 km was all I got before a numbing generalized pain quickly sets in. Week after week I tried to run again but the injury seems to be come back. My only guess is that I may have suffered a hairline fracture or also known as a stress fracture.

A young runner.

And so I decided to heal it by resting. No running. Zero. That was a month ago. I probably have gained a bit but I'd tried to manage it with a controlled diet. I kept myself busy though with my camera. New camera, new lens, new setups for product shoots almost broke me literally. Just kidding! HAHAHA!

My bro, Harold.

Kenyan Runner Simon Losiaboi

And covering the runs behind the lens was the best part of it all. After all, I am a photographer first, a runner second. I decided to cover the rotary run for the first time. It was fun. Loads of images to make. Its a pity I got to take photos of 500 plus runners out of the 1800 participants. Many of my friends ran, 35 of my team ran. Everybody enjoyed even though there were many glitches on the event.

Eugene aka "Baka" Sanchez

I do hope to cover again future runs like these. That is if I don't get healed

Keep on Running! Its a way of life!

Shoot and Run

Rumblings of a Cebuano on a pair of running shoes and a Nikon on one hand.

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