Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Road to May One

I have been busy lately going to the mountains. Its a thrill, its exciting to be on top. Getting there and coming down just got to be the hardest part of the training runs I have been embracing for a few weeks now. Its about 6 weeks to the ultra marathon race on May 1. I am stoked about it just to think that this would be the farthest I would have ran in terms of distance and time.

The ultra marathon trainings runs seems to make my marathon trainings short and easy. Last Saturday, I've logged 32k of all mountain route. It hurts your quads after but thank God, no injuries so far. This sunday, it would be a 36-40k of hamster mode, the fat ass style of running in circles of 2km loop in Cempark. This would be one for my books too. Thanks to friends like Joel Cuyos and TTB masters Jacob Ong, these runs have been exciting and happier as ever.

I'm pretty certain, I can ran far. 65k is long but its doable. Ultra marathons fits my pace, slow as a turtle but smart as a monkey. Its not always for the fast runner but the smart one. They just made it more difficult by placing the toughest terrain they could find in the island smack in the middle. Come May 1, it would be the longest 10 hours of my life.

I'm a bit crazy taking this one. But I guess it better to be crazy having tried it than ending up wondering how could it have been. To all my friends and ultra marathoners, may the force be with us!

Friday, March 4, 2011

If there is one documentary movie I would recommend to those running the marathons whether it would be their 1st or Nth time, This is it. The Spirit of the Marathon is one inspiring documentary for the beginners, intermediate and the elites.

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