Thursday, October 2, 2008

Slice of Hong Kong

Got some real time off bonding with my family in Hong Kong. We stayed for a week at the city which didn't surprise me more than I though it would. The only surprises that came along was the typhoon Hagupit that skirted the city in the middle of our vacation effectively canceling our Macau side trip, my own misjudgment not to bring along a stroller that kept me carrying my three year old tot until my muscles became numb as if I'm carrying the whole world upon my shoulders, a super duper efficient subway and a nature conservation efforts that really works.

Hong Kong is pretty well what I've imagined. Tall buildings, expensive cost of living and serious people (too serious) that kept walking fast they could probably win an Olympic walkathon. No wonder why you don't see a lot of fat guys around. And then are the fancy cars, lots of them, expensive rolex watches of ordinary men and a hundreds upon hundreds of expensive shopping boutiques. With kind of life they are in, I pretty much get the idea that this is a material world, a material city; a surefire hit among global brands. It ain't for me though preferring the laid back life back home. I'm sure to come back again only to enjoy Disneyland, walk with the Buddha and see the Symphony of Lights.

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