Tuesday, April 8, 2008


It took me four years to go back to this famous beach getaway. The first time it blew me off with its fine white sand, so fine and consistent to land it on top of everyone's wish list. Being that nature friendly person as I am I was appalled by how much boracay has change over the years. Great was the beach, not so great was the way commercialism became the name of the game. This discourage me to ever set my foot again to this place. So i was wrong again. The yearnings of my parents, my wife's and my daughter prodded me to drag my feet back to the famous island. This time I booked ourselves in station 1 where a little piece of paradise can still found. Away from the chaotic crowds we enjoyed what we came for and got a piece of paradise etched in my mind.

Here my brother Mark and my daughter about to hit the beach. I knew both were first timers so I knew I could capture those excitement on their faces. I positioned myself on the right side as to purposely include the stretch of the white beach.

This was shot after the image above calling my daughter to enable her to turn her heas and face the camera. I'm glad that she did while running towards the beach. Gave it a burst to capture the moment.

It was the 2nd day and a storm was brewing in the corner. The weather didn't spoil our fun but had a hard time bringing the camera wrapped inside my jacket as it was raining erratically. While strolling around we saw this small boat (banca) and I ask my wife and my daughter to ride the boat and pose for me with all the smiles their
faces. Later I did some processing in ps to give the result that I wanted.

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