Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Librodo Experience

In my search for a mega teacher who could teach me top notch photography, I found Manny Librodo. A couple of emails later, I had booked him a schedule to fly from Thailand to teach me.

Inviting a few of my friends, I finally met an icon not only for his photographic genius but unselfish learning experience that I had with him in two days. A great teacher as they say.Sir Manny, Saludo ako sayo!

What you've given me was more than I could have ask for. Today I start a renewed vigor for that passion, a new set of images based on what you taught me.

Librodo Worshop
Cebu CIty


Nikki (by ~Epoy~tream)

Devotion (by ~Epoy~tream)

Tease 2


Graceful (by ~Epoy~tream)

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