Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Some strange things are happening these days. If you don't know what I'm talking about, it about the Maguindanao massacre which is beyond comprehension to describe. Last Monday, 57 people (and counting) were brutally murdered, execution style by a feuding rival political clan and their followers. Whats more incomprehensible with this case is that everyone of them where women, many of them were journalists, civilians as so to speak. How such horrendous thing happen, is something I still cannot fathom with today. They were not only shot to death, some of them were heavily mutilated as if someone, not human, had done this.

We all know that from time to time, feuding warlords in Mindanao goes after each other throats literally. Its a situation that pops out every here and then. But not this one. This was unheard of in this country until now. These people were defenseless, unarmed. In my entire life, I've never seen such barbarity unleashed upon a group of civilians. Not even during the martial law years of the Marcoses. We see young Americans shooting randomly from time to time, we see people blown up to pieces in Iraq. But not here. The last time it happened was almost seven decades ago when Hitler let loose his dogs of war upon the Jews of the so called holocaust.

I'm angry. I'm sad. I condole with the victims. This has been called by the international body of journalist as the worst single massacre of journalist. Others say our country is already the most dangerous place for journalist to work in. Such a shame!. Shame goes to the Arroyo administration that has allowed this politicians to become so powerful that they act like Gods. Shame to the government who exchanged the security of the people in Maguindanao for the votes they want for themselves. It just outright that these people irregardless that it was not their doing, have contributed to creating a monster. No words, whether she declares it a National Day of Mourning would ever suffice an explanation.

I am in one with our condolences to the victims of this national tragedy. I'm still lost for words every time the pictures and the stories are told. I do hope, just like everyone else here wants:that justice be served fast.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Team YYKredit-Training Photos

Some of the photos I took during the teams 25.5k training run from Mandaue to Cordova and back. I'm still on the injured list so the reason I was able to take some photos for our documentation.

The rain poured so heavily that the team had to briefly stopped at KM6, Basak LLC. Larry aka "the Robocop" and JunJun pacing each other.

Gerry Chua (red) with a friend whom he invited.

Front pacers: Harold my brother (yellow) who seems to get stronger every run after his injury after the Milo Marathon, Rajahni (green) a newcomer but a surprisingly a gifted runner and Ryan (back).

Passing the Mactan Bridge at Km 22.

In all we've finished the entire course in about 3 hours and 5 minutes. The sun didn't shine at all and the course was entirely flat except for the bridge climb (twice). Kudos to all for a successful training run!

Monday, November 9, 2009

2009 Epson Color Imaging Contest - I Won!

I won in the recent concluded 2009 Epson Color Imaging Contest! I'm so happy with this achievement, something that gives you the added adrenalin that some of my work is worth looking. Epson has been giving a contest every year and really its tough to win. This year's theme is "Unguarded Moments" which kind of tells you that this is a contest that fits those who love spontaneous shooting- the photojournalist way. This is a plus for me. I love photojournalism as much as I love shooting landscapes and travel. I told myself this is a tough shot to get in expecting a thousand entries but there's no harm in trying right? It was also my first time to enter into this competition. To enter among the top 21 photos (which made the competition more difficult)was just beautiful success!

So there I took great pains of getting the right Epson paper. I save myself the printer as our office printer for layouts is no other than an Epson! The hard part was selecting four of over thousands of photos I took over the years and looking for the right one which fits this years theme. After a few hours of scanning, the thousand was reduced to a hundred, then to twenty, ten then to the final four. There were a couple of my favorites to win. Guess what: It didn't! My wife choice made it!
Here's the photo of the winning shot including a brief description:

This photo was taken while capturing the 2009 Sinulog Festivities early January this year. While being pinned inside the cordon erected to protect the carriage carrying the venerated Child Jesus during the annual religious procession, I caught this two sibling looking at the statue as it passes by their small store which was selling hand made statue of the saint.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Long Road to Recovey

Shit happens once in a while. It happened to me more than once, those unfortunate events that leave you dead on the tracks when the goal is so near. It happened again today. I'm not off the injury list as I was hoping to be. A short 10k run last Sunday, November 1, the day of the dead gave back life to the injury that was supposed to be healed by then, or what I suppose to believe. The curse of the dead must have had it on me that day.

It was a pleasurable run at first which turned into a cycle of doubt whether to push for it barely after the 7k. I didn't expect it would return. How foolish I was. I did finish my own race but the pain, not as bad as before returned when I went home after a short buy in the market after the run. It push me to think how I could be the most unlucky runner in the world, so close yet so far. The pain open the several doubts over several fronts. Was I doing the correct stretches? Did I run too soon? Was I running incorrectly? Soon it gave way to sadness to the realization that this injury would take a long time to heal whether I like it or not. I would have to be patience. I would have to do stretches daily. I have to let go of running my first full distance this January.Painful as it was, I accepted it fully. I knew being a runner, injuries are bound to happen once in a while.

It just took me two days to get over with it. While striking a dinner conversation with my wife about the injury, she blurted out "Your not going to sop running are you?" From that forth, I was relieved. Although the marathon I've dreamed of running was so close, it was not the end of it. I could simply run anytime I would like to when I get well. Its a life long passion and knowing that fully in me, I knew there were more that a thousand chances I could race one to twenty before I reached 60. But I needed to heal first. Maybe I did rush myself. I'll take a few weeks off from this and recheck the injury after continuing to do stretches and massages.

For now, I'll continue to support my team. I want them to finish the marathon this January with or without me. For one, that's basically the only marathon in town for a year. Second, it would be good for me to support them knowing that they look up to me when it comes to running. They ran because I ran. I inspire them and to just give up on them because I couldn't run is simply unthinkable, selfish act. So whether I ran or not, you'll bet to see me in the finish line!

I'm a tough nut to crack. This setback would not discourage me. I would get better to run after in a blaze of glory. Sadly though, it would not be in my home turf. Keep on running my dear friends!

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