Friday, June 20, 2008


She's three now. Time I guess flies as fast as they say it. She's naughty, she's pretty, she's everything we've always wanted her to be. Actually not exactly but pretty much the way we like it. Crazy at times but its all worth it. Were both hands-on parents doing as much as time allows to interact with her, teaching her the good ways of life, to be a global citizen...compassionate, responsible and independent.

For now, were contended, and proud. Our Pia at three.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cul-de-sac of Dreams

Sometime way way long ago I began dreaming of a good life way beyond the maturity years that was to become. To become different, to control reality and not a victim of circumstances. I dreamed of a my house in the mountains..I dreamed of having climbed the highest of the ladder of the corporate world. Many dreams,many years has passed since then and I am absolutely thrilled and excited of the many things that has been and it was one hell of a ride. Looking back, i came to a realization that I, unconsciously was having thoughts that created the realities of how I become.

Many people call them the laws of attraction, consciousness creates reality...the belief that we create the world through our thoughts and beliefs. I am one successful guinea pig experiment, a subject that proves the theory correct. As a child who grew up in a rather happy and realistic environment, I have always wanted to believe then as I am more convinced now that nothing is impossible and that limit to human achievement can only be limited by man himself.

And I have proven them one after another. I won in the Sinulog photo contest because I believe I could. I became a broker because I knew I could. I successfully finished my masters because I knew it can be done. I had my house sitting on top on the hill because I made to a point that I will do it before i reach my 30th birthday...the list continues. Dreams and hard work makes a deadly combination. Hard work? Absolutely.Lucky? yes to a certain degree. I rather call it better choices. Like a cul-de-sac of dreams, we may turn right or left but that doesn't matter at all. Like an arrow if we aim skillfully its certainly would hit the bulls eye every now and then. Hmmm...what's next?

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