Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Captivating Camotes

December 26 was the day when together with my wife, daughter and family made an early dawn voyage to the rustic Camotes island off 50 kms northwest of Cebu City. It was the persistent prodding of my mom and dad that got me to decide to check out the place. Thinking it was an opportune time for me too to shoot again after a long lay off, I book ourselves in Mangodlong Rock Resort, one of the fewer resorts available in the island that is perfectly hidden among the many sandy coves of the place. The voyage going there was a little bit rough for us as crossing the island from mainland Cebu on this time (December) means facing rougher seas from northwesterly winds that seems to grow when fear gets the better of you not to mention that we were pack like sardines on a pumpboat that seems to reek like a floating coffin whenever it hits the lows and highs of each wave. Soon after we arrive with a big sigh of relief, things seems not to get better with intermittent rains that kept falling like its going to ruin our short vacation.

But like the persistent weather, we were not about to give up enjoying our stay. It was fun and we did made the better out of the situation. I had a grand time with my wife and daughter and kept the bonding with my family whom I had long miss being together. We toured most that the island could offer us and it was pretty well the rustic and unspoilt place that people kept talking about. Going back we decided to ride the oceanjet off Poro port and had a pleasant trip going back home.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Slice of Hong Kong

Got some real time off bonding with my family in Hong Kong. We stayed for a week at the city which didn't surprise me more than I though it would. The only surprises that came along was the typhoon Hagupit that skirted the city in the middle of our vacation effectively canceling our Macau side trip, my own misjudgment not to bring along a stroller that kept me carrying my three year old tot until my muscles became numb as if I'm carrying the whole world upon my shoulders, a super duper efficient subway and a nature conservation efforts that really works.

Hong Kong is pretty well what I've imagined. Tall buildings, expensive cost of living and serious people (too serious) that kept walking fast they could probably win an Olympic walkathon. No wonder why you don't see a lot of fat guys around. And then are the fancy cars, lots of them, expensive rolex watches of ordinary men and a hundreds upon hundreds of expensive shopping boutiques. With kind of life they are in, I pretty much get the idea that this is a material world, a material city; a surefire hit among global brands. It ain't for me though preferring the laid back life back home. I'm sure to come back again only to enjoy Disneyland, walk with the Buddha and see the Symphony of Lights.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Librodo Experience

In my search for a mega teacher who could teach me top notch photography, I found Manny Librodo. A couple of emails later, I had booked him a schedule to fly from Thailand to teach me.

Inviting a few of my friends, I finally met an icon not only for his photographic genius but unselfish learning experience that I had with him in two days. A great teacher as they say.Sir Manny, Saludo ako sayo!

What you've given me was more than I could have ask for. Today I start a renewed vigor for that passion, a new set of images based on what you taught me.

Librodo Worshop
Cebu CIty


Nikki (by ~Epoy~tream)

Devotion (by ~Epoy~tream)

Tease 2


Graceful (by ~Epoy~tream)

Friday, June 20, 2008


She's three now. Time I guess flies as fast as they say it. She's naughty, she's pretty, she's everything we've always wanted her to be. Actually not exactly but pretty much the way we like it. Crazy at times but its all worth it. Were both hands-on parents doing as much as time allows to interact with her, teaching her the good ways of life, to be a global citizen...compassionate, responsible and independent.

For now, were contended, and proud. Our Pia at three.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cul-de-sac of Dreams

Sometime way way long ago I began dreaming of a good life way beyond the maturity years that was to become. To become different, to control reality and not a victim of circumstances. I dreamed of a my house in the mountains..I dreamed of having climbed the highest of the ladder of the corporate world. Many dreams,many years has passed since then and I am absolutely thrilled and excited of the many things that has been and it was one hell of a ride. Looking back, i came to a realization that I, unconsciously was having thoughts that created the realities of how I become.

Many people call them the laws of attraction, consciousness creates reality...the belief that we create the world through our thoughts and beliefs. I am one successful guinea pig experiment, a subject that proves the theory correct. As a child who grew up in a rather happy and realistic environment, I have always wanted to believe then as I am more convinced now that nothing is impossible and that limit to human achievement can only be limited by man himself.

And I have proven them one after another. I won in the Sinulog photo contest because I believe I could. I became a broker because I knew I could. I successfully finished my masters because I knew it can be done. I had my house sitting on top on the hill because I made to a point that I will do it before i reach my 30th birthday...the list continues. Dreams and hard work makes a deadly combination. Hard work? Absolutely.Lucky? yes to a certain degree. I rather call it better choices. Like a cul-de-sac of dreams, we may turn right or left but that doesn't matter at all. Like an arrow if we aim skillfully its certainly would hit the bulls eye every now and then. Hmmm...what's next?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Paying Homage

I have been a Sto. Nino devotee ever since I met my wife. In the past years we've attended the weekly friday mass without fail and always have something to offer up into the week leading to its fiesta and the Sinulog celebration. Although today we don't use to go there as often as before when my daughter was born, our unwavering faith and love for the Holy child Jesus has always been there, seeking, loving and to hopefully give back in hundred folds to the life and the blessings that God gave us.

I certainly haven't lost touch with God. In hiatus perhaps of the rituals but not the faith, the faith that binds us with the creator. Like the song "Batobalani sa Gugma" or Magnet of Love, our devotion draws us closer to God, a reminder that life is only worth if their is God at the center and that love that we continue to nourish shall be someday to given back to other people who needs it.

I've got a chance to visit the place again yesterday. Some of the images that I took while there.

Friday, May 23, 2008

A Visit to the Dumpsite

It seems to be a good day today to shoot something outdoors with the sun partially diffused by the cloudy weather. That desire ended up somewhere in a dumpsite in Mandaue City.

The great Mahatma Gandhi once said that the greatest crime in this world is poverty. Here you see the poorest among the poor, the people who survive the day picking up somebody dirty trash. The stench foul and putrid, our brave souls (me and my photo buddy bobot)inch our way into the the center of the action where people and flies alike were busy scavenging whatever where once was real drinks, real food.

For them everything you throw doesn't matter anymore. Its all real for them. They eat the spoiled and the foul like its like manna from heaven. For a lot of people this is God's forsaken land, for them this is their home, their livelihood. What's amazing though is that they still seem to give that infectious smile like happy contented souls.

This is their untold story. Stories that are simply washed away like gathering dust when the rain comes.....

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Day In Tabo-an

If your a tourist and would ask a local (Cebuano) where to buy gifts or "pasalubong", its a certainty that Tabo-an market would not miss the list. Here you find the a great variety of dried fishes among the best and cheapest in the country.

You also get to immerse ourself with the old Cebu, where people ride in horse driven carriages which nowadays can be as rare as a gem.

Save albeit for the well dressed and moneyed tourists that abound the place, much of Tabo-an has been a neglect down to the people who have been living in dire poverty ever since. It is one of the few places in town where a photographer with his expensive toys dare to shoot alone.

My instincts got the best out of me. No fear they say. I knew I could talk my way out of the situation by immersing in the people's livelihood. Besides I was with my buddy that time and had the tripod for a bat.LOL

Just as we thought that was about it, we saw some street children playing in the interior portion, approached them and ask them to pose for us. They gladly did and ended showing them their photos and giving them some pennies. We ended happy, glad that at some point that our wisdom to shoot in that place paid off. And so was the children that for one day they didn't have to steal their way for a meal....

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pure Shores

Before the summer just ended abruptly, my wife and I managed to sneak up some surprises of our own by going out island hopping in the channel between Cebu and Bohol. We invited a few of our friends and our families to join us to make it more fun. It rained for days before that putting a damp into the initial excitement we had. We must have pleased the Gods that it was, to our delight, gave us a perfect, bright sunny day. We went to several islands passing off the shallow hilutungan channel known for its marine conservation efforts and diving spots before proceeding to Pandanon Island.

Pandanon Island has gained increasing popularity these days for its natural sandbar that extends shallowly into the sea. Its a private area that has been opened to public for a fee. Its not a great place to dive or snorkel but certainly makes it up with it family oriented atmosphere.

The islands beaches might not compare to the powdery white sand of boracay but its natural beauty, exclusivity and peacefulness truly makes this place a place for die hard sun worshippers seen here making that trademark jump shot.

There were several interesting inlands we visited. We passed by Panganan Island for a while and then went to Sulpa Islet for some sightseeing. We saw so many sea urchins so we decided not to swim but instead collected some which some of my friends ate. I didn't as the taste is not just for me.

Some of the interesting shots of fishermen at sea. We happen to pass by them from a great distance so i had to bear with these shots. Nevertheless its a great opportunity to see them work despite the heat which was past 2pm when i took these shots.

Lastly we drop of hilutungan channel for diving and snorkeling. I don't dive and snorkel that often so to see a lot of fishes swarming all over you can be a little bit exhilarating. The country boast of of the richest marine biodiversity in the world and to see things being done to preserve the environment is a commendation worth a thousand praises.

These are the the keepers of Hilutungan, the guardians of the sea that had make conscientious efforts to save the rich marine habitat of the place which by the way has been declared a marine sanctuary together with Olango island.

It was such fun for a day and surely will be going out for another surprise next summer. Hopefully,...when it doesn't rain too early.

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