Monday, June 29, 2009

Marathon Week

There seems to be a deluge of fun runs and marathon run these days. Consider this: I've run three organized runs and forfeited one in just two months, pushing my fitness level to nth fold. Tiresome? Not really if you enjoy the sport as much as I do now.

The final week is up for my final preparation for my 1st half marathon, the Milo half marathon this July 5 in Cebu. Whats up for me in this week would be more on conditioning my body for the big push this Sunday. I'll just be running light maybe a 5k at our own backyard (subdivision) which is actually good as its elevated with a light/medium/high degree of slopes on tuesday and the oval in Abellana in Wednesday. Carbo loading comes next in the final day before the big day. I'll be running with my brother and some of my security staff. I'm sure I'll just stick up with running slower in the first 16-17K and a tempo run in the last 4K. That should propel me towards my goal of finishing the race within the cut off period of 2 hours and 30mins.

So to all the Milo half marathon participants, good luck to all of us. Kaya natin to!

The photo is the ABSCBN Kapamilya run 10K yesterday. I've clocked a personal record of 57mins 15s a fast one for me already. I'll try to beat that in some other races.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"Less than 1% of the world population have run the marathon". A singular phrase that challenged me a few months back. I've always known myself to be an achiever. From academics to extra curricular activities to arts (photography) and now to sports I continue to push the limits to ability to succeed. There were a lot of failure, plenty of them but I trudge on never to give up. Its about self belief, self determination that I can do it and it has proven me a countless times.

And so starting last February, I started to run with one goal in run the marathon, a grueling and tough 42k not your ordinary choice decision to finish it in a self imposed two years time. By this week I have run continuously for 17 to 18K on Sundays and have joined 10 and 12k competition to psyched myself and by God it feels Good!

I run because of a goal and once again to test the limits of my ability, a personal testament of the human spirit. I'm running my first 21k this July 5 with Milo Marathon and hopefully with the self training schedule, my goal in January in the Sinulog Cebu Marathon, a full year ahead of schedule. Why not? Barring no injuries,I can do it. No doubt. In the end I've always cherished this words " What doesn't kill you would only make you stronger, better and faster". Kaya mo Yan!!!

Photoburst Winner

After my sixth submission, it finally paid off. I won twice in a week in Photoburst, an online travel photography contest being followed by many outstanding photographers around the globe. They say that its rare that someone wins twice in a week in this contest. That's something and I'm really happy about it.

Again, I thank God for this and my family too which continually have supported me and a guiding inspiration to becoming good in this craft.

Monday, June 15, 2009

I Won!

Since I was already an avid reader of Readers Digest long before, I tried submitting two photos on their monthly "Unseen Asia" just for the fun of it. Well you know, one of the photo won with a nice video camera on the side. Its was not for that contest that my photo was selected but for Discovery Channel Magazine "Your World" photo contest.

Its something to be happy about knowing that your work gets published on a magazine even if your not really making money out of it (hobby). Its always been my wished that my work gets published and for all you know I might be heading there. My works would also be published on a coffee book by Art Post Asia on Asia's Water Celebration, another to be delighted upon. For my wife and daughter, this is all for both of you!!!

I Thank God for all the blessings that have come my way. Hope things gets hot while its going!!

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