Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Full Marathon Route - Singapore Marathon 2010

Barely a month remaining before Marathon Day in Singapore. Things so far are looking good. Just ran a 20 miler a couple of weeks ago and another 17 miler last Sunday. Its been a roller coaster six months and I'm beginning to feel the nerves already. A couple more 20 milers and I'm good to go. The video shows how good the organizers are when in comes to organizing international events, even showing in a tourist friendly video where the run will take you and in my case the full marathon, my 2nd full mary, 42.195 kms of running!

What can I say but to shout out loud, BRING IT ON!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Noah Gray at 3 Months

Times flies so fast. Noah Gray is already 3 months old! Here's the latest photo I took of him. He looks like my father in many ways. They say he looks like me. I beg to disagree except the balding hair! lol.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Ay, Caramba!

Those were the words expressed by my friend Marc Viacrusis ( when I told him that the weather scheduled for our sunday long run was a run weather forecast with 26-27C, 74-93% cloud cover and 0% chance of precipitation. They got it wrong again! The only thing they got right was the 0% chance of precipitation. No rain, no clouds only the merciless sun happily shining on us! True to his words Ay, caramba was it!

I am in deep training for my first marathon outside the Philippines, the Singapore International Marathon on December 5. I would ran with my brother on this one with a modest goal of finishing below 5 hours. For many, it looks like a walk in the park. For me, it looks like a run in the unknown having enjoyed turtle running for some time now. Its tough but I'm getting there bit by bit.

I'm so serious with my training now that my weekly mileage has jump from a so-so 20-30k a week to 50-60k. I've lost weight. I've cross trained. I didn't neglect my core muscles. I now do speed work and hills training. Nothing is left to chance so to speak. I hope the gods will shine upon me now to give me stronger legs free from injuries. The last time I ran the marathon I ran with an ITBS ( problem reducing my chances of running a little bit faster. I ran past 5 hours but the victory was still sweet.

The baby duties is still there but is not as heavy as before. At the very least it gives a 5-6 hours of sleep each night. Although far from the normal human sleeping pattern, I'll take it. I've come to realize that being a full time Dad and my running may not be easy but it can be done. You'll just have to realize sometimes that some goals are not just possible (running super fast) and its the price to pay for a life that we have. Strategize, adapt and implement. So back to the training..

My staff and Marc was supposed to ran 26k and I was supposed to run 28K so what I did was to run ahead 2 more kilometers ahead of them before they even arrived. It was slow run, slower than my intended pace for my training but I have no complains. These guys somehow got inspired to run from my own runs and it may come a long way for them to give my support. Besides, with 7 more weeks before tapering, I could always squeeze in some faster pace on my medium long term runs.

Catarman Lighthouse (1904), 13km north east of Mandaue City.

We ran to the Catarman lighthouse in Liloan on the edge of the cliff facing the Visayan Sea. The didn't feel good at the start for me. I had little sleep (insomnia attack) and my tummy began to sing in the middle of the run coupled by some little pain on the right knee. Eventually, running back, I did some fartleks and the pain just disappeared as well as the pain from the bum stomach. Thank God or I would have stop somewhere in the bushes to relieve myself!

The sun was hot but not as hot during the Milo half marathon. The boys persevered! Way to go! The road though was mostly cemented which was rather tough on the knees.

Marc Viacrusis saying something or just the heat? @ Total Station 2.5kms from the finish.

What I notice though is that I don't feel any soreness already after my long runs. Its like I didn't run long at all over the weekend. Is the heavier training, running form or something else? It started when I started drinking 2 250ml of Anlene low fat chocolate milk within 15mins after the long runs. I read from Jaymie aka the bullrunner that study shows that a combination of protein and carbo (milk and chocolate) really helps recover the muscles after a strenuous activity and elite runner athletes normally take them.The key here is low fat so that you won't get to grow like a blob!

Anlene Low Fat Choco Milk 250ml @ P30 on retail.

Next long run would be a 30K. Four times in six weeks. So help me God.

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