Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cebu Ultrarunner's Club "Not Your Kindergarten' 50K Ultramarathon

Ngano ni enter! (translated: Why did I join this?) Those are the exact words I told myself and my staff while running the long stretch between the city of Danao to the northern town of Carmen, part of the route of the firs organized run by the new club of ultra runners here in Cebu. Who would have thought the day would be a sizzler when it was raining like hell for weeks already.

Well we got what we deserved, exactly not your kindergarten stuff. As one guy in the street told his companion after being told that we started running in Mandaue City, "Na unsa man na sila, nag lisod lisod ra jud sa kaugalingon! " The good thing about this run was it was free! No hefty registration fees to think about, no water stations, not even a medal. It reminds me of the ultra marathon races abroad when a handful of people would just clap their hands when you reach the finish line. The feeling, the same! The euphoria, the same!

I didn't actually trained hard for this thinking, hey I've ran 65k already so what's 50k? More like being arrogant. I could have sworn that I'll have been pretty screwed up if I took the pace higher. I didn't. I followed my ultra pace, steady and consistent. I ended up running up to the marathon distance before my knees showed signs of hurting again. Must be old age! Haaaay! So I just walked the remaining 7k to the finish and still ended up among the top 20% of the participants. Good thing about this run was there was no soreness the day after! I'm glad I made this run. I was a sort of camaraderie and friendship among fellow ultra marathoners. I hope the club would be ran well and soon would be able to organize on our own. A special thanks to all those benevolent runners who in their own way provided nourishments in their place!

I have high respect for the special idiots who ran that day. They just belong to a different level. Their is that passion burning just to run for the sake of enjoying the run and not competing. Congrats to all!

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